Thank you for your interest in the Neighbor-to-Neighbor donation program with Direct Energy!

Top Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Neighbor-to-Neighbor program?

Neighbor-to-Neighbor is Direct Energy’s bill assistance program which helps families struggling to pay their electricity bills. Contributions are made by Direct Energy and customers like you! In 2017, Direct Energy increased its annual contribution to Neighbor-to-Neighbor by 18%, to $708,000.

How is my energy contribution delivered to people in need?

A monetary donation (using your credit/debit card or Paypal account) is converted to energy bill credits for low income customers who cannot afford to pay their bills. Direct Energy has partnered with 32 agencies throughout Texas and provides funding to these agencies for utility assistance. These partnerships ensure that we are able to help as many low-customers as possible!

What is Gridmates?

Gridmates is the world’s first internet platform designed to end energy poverty by connecting givers of energy with people in need. Gridmates is a cloud platform for Smart Energy Donations that helps electric utilities like Direct Energy transform their bill assistance programs through digital innovation. You can find more information at

How can I get assistance through this program?

Visit our website where we have a list of all agencies who participate and receive assistance from Neighbor-to-Neighbor, call the one in your area, and ask them about utility assistance through the Neighbor-to-Neighbor program.

Need assistance? Or have questions? You can contact us by sending us an email at or provide your details below.