Learn More About Energy Donations with Neighbor-to-Neighbor.

About the Neighbor-to-Neighbor program

What is the Neighbor-to-Neighbor program?

Neighbor-to-Neighbor is Direct Energy’s bill assistance program which helps families struggling to pay their electricity bills. Contributions are made by Direct Energy and customers like you! In 2017, Direct Energy increased its annual contribution to Neighbor-to-Neighbor by 18%, to $708,000.

How many people have received assistance through Neighbor-to-Neighbor?

The Neighbor-to-Neighbor program has assisted over 52,000 customers in Texas since the program’s start in 2003.

How is my donation delivered to people in need?

Your monetary donation (using your credit/debit card or PayPal account) is allocated across the program to 32 agencies in Texas that assist low-income customers who cannot afford to pay their bills. These partnerships ensure that we are able to help as many of our low-income customers as possible.

Who benefits from my donation?

Low-income Direct Energy customers who cannot pay their bills may receive agency support. Agencies screen applicants based on need, and use the donations to pay a portion or all of their utility bill.

Can I make a donation when I pay my bill by mail?

Yes! Customers may contribute to the Neighbor-to-Neighbor program by checking the "bill assistance" box on their monthly bill (located on the tear-off portion of the bill just below the Total Due).

Can I donate if I am not a Direct Energy customer?

Yes! Non Direct Energy customers can donate here

Where can I find more information?

Donation Information & Support

What does energy donation mean?

It is a monetary donation that will be used to pay for the energy consumption of the recipient.

Is my energy donation tax-deductible?

Your donation may be tax-deductible. Please consult your accountant.

Is it safe to make a donation online?

Yes. Gridmates uses PayPal, which is a secure payment processor to process the transactions.

Is the conversion between dollars and kWh exact?

It is an approximation based on average electricity prices.

Are there any charges for me?

There are no extra charges for you when you make a donation. PayPal has a 2.7%+$0.30 credit card commission fee which is deducted from the donation amount.

About Direct Energy

I want to learn more about Direct Energy.

Direct Energy is the largest retail energy provider in North America, providing both energy and home services. Offering innovative usage insight tools, Direct Energy helps customers Use Less of What We Sell (insert trademark symbol) through a wide selection of electricity plans, like Free Power Weekends. But the mission is about more than just lights; it's about supporting our communities. In addition to the Neighbor-to-Neighbor fund, Direct Energy is a proud partner of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. We even offer energy plans that send solar lights to developing countries without reliable electricity. To learn more about Direct Energy and shop our Texas electricity plans, please visit www.directenergy.com.

About Gridmates

What is Gridmates?

Gridmates is the world’s first internet platform designed to end energy poverty by connecting givers of energy with people in need. Gridmates is a cloud platform for Smart Energy Donations that helps retail electricity providers like Direct Energy transform their bill assistance programs through digital innovation. You can find more information at www.gridmates.com.

How to Get Financial Assistance

Who may receive bill assistance through Neighbor-to-Neighbor?

To qualify for Neighbor-to-Neighbor, recipients must be Direct Energy customers, reside at the service address, and be financially responsible for monthly electricity expenses. They also must meet the income eligibility criteria.

What are the financial eligibility criteria?

Eligibility for the Neighbor-to-Neighbor program requires the household to fall 200% below the poverty level. Funds must be available at the agency in the area you reside.

What is the maximum amount of assistance?

A recipient cannot receive more than $700 in assistance in a calendar year. Assistance cannot exceed the actual electric expenses due at the time assistance is provided, or the estimated monthly expenses at the time provided (in the case of prepaid).

Can prepaid customers receive assistance?

Funds can be used to pay all residential Texas customers, including prepaid.

How do I find out which agency can assist me?

You can find help agencies we partner with at www.directenergy.com/texas/customer-support/neighbor-to-neighbor

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